Case Study

Keeping track of your competition and the state of your industry or your client’s industry is an integral part of operating any business.   

Markets are volatile. Clients expect their service providers/vendors to understand their challenges as well, if not better than they do. This can mean lengthy periods aggregating and analysing trade press manually. 

The market needs a tool that standardizes research processes for commercially focused teams within the professional services sector.

After extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis amongst industry professionals in the media sector Dowling, Best and Smith developed a market intelligence platform capable of aggregating and analysing the most credible industry trade news. helps commercially focused teams at professional services companies identify valuable market opportunities and competitor insights, in near real-time.

Results: is now in BETA test phase and the team are working with industry leading professionals and venture capital firms to take their platform from MVP to globally roll-out within six months. 

Es Salih

An incredible opportunity to aid development of analytics platform, which will be an industry gamechanger.


Contentfnnl is an industry leading web application that turns trade press into actionable insights to help drive business strategy and revenue