Case Study

The corporate hospitality sector is dry, uninventive, and lacking in theatre. Your options consist of finger food, made up of wedge-shaped sandwiches, cold meats & cheeses and if you are lucky a croquette or two.   

Our goal was to provide enterprise level businesses with more choice when it came to entertaining staff and their clients.

Epicurean entered the market providing a selection of street food vendors who were able to cook hot, fresh, exciting world foods onsite.

This offered an alternative to the boring corporate hospitality sector. Diverse and lively choices that provided, not only great food, but brought a little theatre to the events.  

During Epicurean’s height the business had nine full time locations across London. They averaged 22 traders per venue, serving upwards of 6500 dishes per day.

On the backend, Dowling, Best and Smith created an online vendor booking portal, which allowed members to plan and book trading locations for the calendar year across all 9 sites.

Es Salih

Breathing new life into the food market sector, we helped develop their vision into an award winning food destination.

Greig Dowling

As a food lover this project was joy to work on, and I can't wait until we launch in the US.


Epicurean Events specializes in hosting fine food events. These are held throughout the year in various locations and each event promotes a very specific speciality food theme.