Case Study

Movellas is the world’s second largest social storytelling platform after Wattpad. It gives users the ability to write, edit and collaborate with peers on stories across any device.  

After several buyouts, the founder purchased back the platform. He was determined to develop the brand into a global success. Hence he needed to monetize the product and raise investment.

Dowling, Best and Smith were asked to develop a commercial strategy for the app-based platform to help engage existing storytellers, develop new revenue streams, and acquire new users.
After extensive analysis across a range of mobile content platforms DBS worked with the Movellas development team to build out a process of test & learn across a range of new functionalities.

DBS and Movellas created a feedback loop with top users. Therefore they were able to identify which features were driving best engagement and what to include in the latest update.

User features consisted of additional tools for storytellers and gifting mechanics enabling in-app purchases. Dowling, Best and Smith also brokered relationships with mobile specific display side platforms for ad-serving capabilities.

Following the roll-out of new features across all mobile platforms Movellas saw a 123% rise in user engagement YoY for the first three months after update. It also saw close to a 300% uplift in revenue from gifting and ad-serving combined.

Greig Dowling

Peer to peer stories are the future of creative content, and we were lucky enough to work with these guys to help develop such an amazing brand.


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