Case Study

With an ongoing trend for Turkish Food, Pide was founded to show a more casual side to Turkish food culture.

Pizza has been a staple within english food culture since the opening of pizza express in 1962. From Dominos to River Café there are many iterations of Pizza available in London.

PIDE is an older relative to Pizza. It is a Turkish flat bread type dish hand opened and shaped similar to that of a boat with varied toppings.

History shows that it was eaten in the black sea region since 1725 some 100 years before Pizza. Another dish is Lahmacun which actually dates back to 1410 and originates from the Lutheran region of Turkey (Antep, Urfa). It is an oval shaped unleavened dough topped with, as the name translates “meat paste”.

We aided the brand to open a concept store within Charlotte St in London. It aimed at a fast casual, freshly made Turkish pizza concept and it was a success of flavours.


Winning Best pizza in Soho for 3 consecutive years, our client went on to open a restaurant concept in Hammersmith and a chef training program. The brand was sold to a Turkish Holding in 2019 with expansion for 7 stores already in place.

Es Salih

An exciting project to bring a piece of inner Turkish, food culture to central London.


PIDE OVEN is a modern Turkish Pide & Lahmacun Salon. We hold true to traditional values as our food is hand made from the freshest ingredients, and always prepared daily.