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SBE Medical
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SBE Medical

The UK medical sector faces supply chain challenges and logistical inefficiencies. Essential medical consumables that take only 7 days to produce can take over 36 days to be delivered to their destination from manufacturing plants in Asia.

This process results in costly storage overheads due to overstocking. It creates a huge volumes of waste because of products passing their expiry date. The pandemic has also exacerbated fragile links within supply and demand.
Dowling, Best and Smith were asked to come up with a solution for leading medical consumables providers serving the UK market. 

SBE Medical was launched as an alternative solution to off-shoring, providing near-shoring capabilities which reduced production & delivery times by 54%.

SBE Medical was able to accommodate market shortages across the NHS, managing tenders nationwide, and brokering relationships with leading European manufacturers and product testing bodies, to ensure compliance and safety standards across a range of key products. 

In total Dowling, Best and Smith and SBE Medical delivered over 6million gowns and 4.2million face masks, helping to ease the national shortfall by 12% 

Es Salih

Ability to revolutionize processes between manufacturers and the public sector during a time of major upheval.

Greig Dowling

We were able to help company's identify and utilize the benefits of 'near-shoring' to combat products short-falls in the PPE sector.

SBE Medical

Our ongoing mission is to source and supply premium quality medical products to the NHS, international healthcare providers and private companies.