Case Study

The UK out of home ice cream market is worth over £500M. Pre 2012 it offered no healthy alternative to the high sugar snack.  

Froyo was traditionally made using powdered milk. It is then inferior to live yogurt, both in terms of flavour and health benefits. The cycle of high fat content snacks was waning. Therefore there was a gap in the market for a fresh, healthy based snack that did not rely on powdered milk. There was a new trend evolving in the US too, led by Pinkberry. 

We created Yog Yogurt, which was a fun, youthful brand targeting millennial professionals.

The concept for Yog stores centred around food theatre, farmhands (or yogurt mixologists) provided customers the ability to create unique combinations of toppings to match any conceivable taste or mood - 388,000 combinations.

We sought out retail sites in some of the UK’s most exciting locations included Fitzrovia, Brent Cross, Brighton, Manchester, and Liverpool.


Within three years of launch Yog was the UK’s market leader in frozen yogurt. Yog used 22,000 litres of milk a week across the entire production or £4.7M in revenue per year.
The business had 18 stores nationwide, including co-branded product lines with Pom Wonderful, VitaCoco, Nestle and franchises with Odeon cinemas.

As the UK’s only producer of real-frozen yogurt, we were able to launch the product into all major supermarkets in the UK and 9 countries worldwide.
Yog was exported to Kenya and Dubai, and our product line was featured in El Cort Ingles, Spain’s leading supermarket group.

Es Salih

Great opportunity to create a genuine all natural frozen product. A real super food!


Real churn aged yogurt lovingly made by hand in the Yog dairy, Kent.